Public Relations Management 

Nowadays public relations in every company plays a crucial role in advancing business goals. The quantitative and qualitative improvement of the organization’s activities, increase in the efficiency of its facilities and human resources depends on the organization’s activities within the society, taking advantage of the community’s capabilities and the public participation of its members. And in this regard, public relations play a central role as a link between organizations and society.
System Features:

  • Define and manage important inter-company and outer-company meetings
  • Integration with customer and management systems
  • Record all activities of the PR unit
  • Registration and storage of advertising and information documents
  • Ability to report with various filters of all PR activities
  • All processes and customized capabilities of your PR department
  • SMS and email notification system
  • SMS and email reminder system for reminding of upcoming events
  • Define and manage the company’s communication media
  • Define and manage advertising campaigns
  • Defining and managing conferences and expos