Warehouse Management

With the increasing volume of goods entering and leaving warehouses, traditional methods of manual entry and exit of goods are no longer responsive. Eliminating paper-based buying and selling processes, higher speed in finding commodity information, accurate and instant reports on the status of the warehouse and integrity of the warehouse with other units of supply, sales and production are some of the many features of Merp’s Warehouse Management system which is offered to business owners.

  • Management of the warehousing processes
  • Management of warehouse and goods status
  • Integrating information between warehouse and sales units
  • Ability to register and edit the information of goods, warehouses and customers
  • Ability to define group classifications and assign goods to the defined groups
  • Ability to obtain item information by searching part of the item name, item code and model
  • Ability to register and edit the drivers specifications
  • Ability to send text messages to warehouses upon arrival of goods
  • Ability to send text messages upon product shipping
  • Ability to show inventory at the company and warehouse level
  • Ability to register and edit returned goods to warehouses and repairs
  • Possibility to register the details of transportation, driver and bill of lading number
  • Ability to register remittances between warehouses
  • Registration of sales invoices
  • Warning over minimum and maximum inventory of goods in the exit of goods from the warehouse
  • Ability to select photo for products
  • Ability to define types of warehouse, consumption, capital, waste, etc
  • Ability to define commodity groups
  • Issuance of entry and exit licenses
  • Transfer of goods between different warehouses
  • Ability to define various circulation paths for all goods
  • Detailed turnover report of warehouses by type of goods
  • General inventory list based on product group, product code and product type
  • And other features and reports required by your organization