Maintenance and Repair Management System  

At our present time, one of the fundamental foundations of any organization is their equipment, machinery and manpower. As a result, in order to increase productivity and efficiency of services and to achieve world standards, special attention should be given to increasing the efficiency of machinery, reducing maintenance costs and machine stoppages. Replacement of humans by machinery, automation and smart machines in today’s world has made it necessary to have the machine ready to provide instant services. This kind of instant service cannot be achieved with previous methods. With Merp’s maintenance and repair system, all machinery, tools and parts will be fully ready to service while reducing the costs substantially.


  • Integrated connection with production and warehousing systems
  • Ability to define machinery and equipment along with their specifications
  • Ability to classify machinery and equipment
  • Ability to define locations for machinery and equipment
  • Define the types of specialties required by the maintenance staff
  • Ability to determine the cost per person of the maintenance staff
  • Ability to define and categorize types of maintenance operations
  • Ability to define reasons of cancellation or delay for maintenance operations
  • Ability to define different types of maintenance costs
  • Ability to define safety tips and assign activities to this unit
  • Ability to define types of machinery and equipment failure
  • Ability to define repair activities
  • Ability to specify parts list for each group of machinery and equipment
  • Ability to track the status of service requests
  • Maintenance and repair report
  • Maintenance and repair manual reports
  • Maintenance report (preventive, reparative and predictive)
  • Parts usage report
  • Reports of consumed hours per person
  • Reports of overdue scheduled maintenance tasks
  • Maintenance costs report
  • Machinery and equipment status report
  • Machine and equipment stoppage report
  • Reports on all organization's custom processes