Distribution & Transportation Management 

The high number of processes for loading, transporting and delivering goods from different sources to different destinations requires careful control by managers. Traditional systems will not meet the needs of these type of companies due to their low speed performance and low accuracy. As a result, the design and implementation of a transportation system that has the ability to automate the management and planning process as well as to report the input information quickly and accurately seems essential.

  • Ability to define drivers and input their information
  • Ability to define vehicles and determine their type
  • Define the type of employment and the position of the staff in detail
  • Ability to define Contract Drivers
  • Ability to define types of car parts, main accessories and spare parts
  • Register the use of cars with details
  • Ability to define partner transportation and freight companies
  • Ability to define customers and owners of cargo and goods
  • Ability to report the vehicles used in the company
  • Ability to report drivers list
  • Integration with warehouse, sales and customer affairs systems
  • Ability to record car insurance information
  • Record and control car fuel costs
  • Ability to record vehicle fuel information
  • Ability to define financial processes for how to receive and deliver cargo
  • Ability to register documents for drivers, cars, dealers, owners
  • Possibility to register the items of CMR
  • Ability to send text messages and emails to drivers and cargo owners with customized and automatic content
  • Ability to define shipping contract
  • Ability to record all information in the bill of lading
  • Ability to search for product information based on part of product name, product code and model
  • Ability to record and edit driver specifications with full specifications
  • Reminder before the expiration of the validity of various documents
  • Ability to obtain shipping reports based on shipping principles and purposes
  • Ability to register spare parts requests
  • Ability to assign a driver to each vehicle and cargo
  • Reporting of shipments made with different filters
  • Light and heavy car repair report
  • Report the cost of parts replaced in the repair shop
  • Report on driver activities
  • And all the processes, operations and special reports of your organization in the transportation sector