Planning and Production Management

Planning and Projection Management System is one of the fundamental needs of any company. Careful observation, management and planning constitutes one of the key parts of any manufacturing organization. There is also a need for continuous integration between the product line and the units of purchase, warehousing, inventory control, sales. However it will no longer be cost effective to implement traditional methods since it delays the process and reduces production rates. MERP offers the following features with a precise solution to meet these needs.

  • Implementation of planning and production processes
  • Integration of all information from the product line
  • Variety of reporting
  • Integration with maintenance and repair unit
  • Integration with supply chain units
  • Reduction of steps for ordering parts and items
  • Ability to register waste during production
  • Possibility of re-registering during and after production.
  • Integration with production planning
  • Ability to continuously manage new or alternative items in the production cycle
  • Production planning and supply
  • Integration with the project management unit
  • Integrating all logistics processes, including requesting from the warehouse, moving within the company, between the two companies, and selling to the outside organization.
  • Tracking the serial number of packages and inventory control
  • Inter- company and after-sales production tracking processes
  • Ability to make requests to warehouse for transfering materials from warehouse to production line based on the material shorttage report.
  • Ability to record status and progress for each step of the tasks
  • Ability to register problems during production
  • Other custom features of your company