Marketing & Sales Management

The need for a sales and marketing management system is crucial for any company and organization. Indeed, consistent development of any organization depends on its optimal sales activity which in turn entails efficient tools in order to maintain the competitiveness of the products and services and enhance sales. Optimizing the sales by defining efficient sales processes and their relations as well as by controlling sales influencing factors is essential for the profitability of the sales units. Merp’s Sales and Marketing Management Systems can fully integrate with other units such as accounting, warehousing, contracts and sales execution processes.








Sales Unit Features

  • Ability to define customers, sellers and marketers and sales and delivery centers.
  • Unlimited classification of customers, sellers and marketers
  • Defining different types of sales and its use in sales invoices and other sales documents.
  • Customer warehouse control on the spot
  • Increasing and decreasing factors such as insurance and tax.
  • Service classification and use in sales documents.
  • Defining specific sales processes and processes and the ability to link processes to other systems such as accounting, warehousing, contracts etc.
  • Ability to classify goods and services for sale
  • Ability to define suppliers as customers without the need to re-enter and repeat information
  • Ability to attach text, video, audio, etc. documents as a file for each customer, product and service
  • Determining the credit conditions (ceiling, date, returned checks, etc.) and the method of calculating the credit of each customer and controlling it at the time of issuance of documents
  • Sales according to the level of sensitivity and need of the organization on viewing the account balance at the time of issuing sales documents
  • Ability to view the latest credit status and customer payments based on documents issued in the system instantly
  • Ability to group customers
  • Ability to define customer account groups and assign customers to each account group
  • Ability to define sales areas for customer allocation to the area
  • Ability to define sales marketing and allocate them to different areas
  • View sales records for each customer individually
  • Determining the type of price display in sales centers
  • Ability to change the price of goods or services from sales documents according to the conversion factor of the unit of counting goods or services
  • Ability to register deductibles and flat additional fees corresponding to the type of sales and the feasibility of allocating to it a computational formula.
  • Ability to define receiving methods for sales
  • Ability to connect to the online store and integrate with the online sales and ordering system
  • Issuance of sales documents, return of sales, sales order, sales contract using different parameters
  • Sales and marketing system integration
  • Defining geographical areas and using sales and marketing systems based on the above for marketers, sellers
  • Inserting and calculating marketers and sellers Commission rate
  • Ability to determine the goods available for sale
  • Ability to define services for sale
  • Ability to register price analysis parameters and availability of analysis methods for analyzing contract prices and invoices
  • Ability to assign price analysis to contract or sales invoices
  • Ability to define individually features for each product or generally for a product category and using it at the time of document exportation.
  • Possibility of defining prizes individually for each product or generally for a product category and using it when issuing sales documents
  • Define users' access level to authorized warehouses
  • Ability to classify appendices and assign appendices to sales documents
  • Ability to issue documents with respect to their organization unit and their access level
  • Fully integrated with the warehouse, warehouse accounting system and financial contracts
  • Ability to register pre-invoices of goods or services requested by the client
  • Ability to register a sales contract with all the details (pre-payment, value-added tax, overhead, etc.) as well as the possibility of connecting with the contract unit to track the financial matters of the contracts.
  • Possibility of registering sales order of goods or services requested by the customer
  • Ability to convert one or more pre-sales invoices into sales orders or sales contracts
  • Ability to transfer goods delivery requests according to pre-invoice, order and sales contract to warehouse system
  • Ability to define purchasing services as sales services without the need to re-enter and repeat information
  • Ability to group goods and services for sale based on the needs of the organization
  • Ability to register different types of packaging.
  • Ability to register all types of sales of goods and services.
  • Ability to register and determine delivery locations of sold goods
  • Ability to define various modes of transport.
  • Possibility to record information of companies engaged in the transportation of goods.
  • Ability to record customer’s information and delivery addresses.
  • Ability to preserve information on all orders and contracts of production and to provide sales planning
  • Instant report and checking of ready-to-sell inventory as well as unfulfilled commitments
  • Ability to output in various formats including CSV, pdf, word, excel
  • Pre-invoice sales items and their reports
  • Reports on sales items and their contracts
  • Reports on sales orders and their items
  • Reports on sales delivery requests and their items
  • Reports on sales invoices and their items
  • Reports on overheads and deductions of invoices
  • Reports on sales licenses and their items
  • Reports on all sales processes, return receipts, and items
  • Product sales reports
  • Customer sales statements
  • Periodic Sales Report
  • Credit invoice to customers
  • Debit invoice to customers
  • Other customized features for your organization

Marketing Unit Features

  • Unlimited definition of customers, sellers and marketers.
  • Integrated and immediate connection of the sales unit with the marketing unit
  • Defining geographical areas and use of sales and marketing systems based on that for marketers and sellers.
  • Insertion and calculation of commission fee for marketing representatives and sellers.
  • Allocation of daily tasks to marketing representatives and monitoring the performance of the marketing unit at any moment.
  • Ability to determine the exact location and time of the presence of marketers using the allocation system
  • Determine the information of target units needed for marketers
  • Allocation of daily tasks to marketing representatives and monitoring the performance of the marketing unit at any moment.
  • Complete, accurate and varied reports of marketing representatives’ performance.
  • And other features of required for marketing and managing marketers