Project Management System

Project-oriented companies have always had a lot of trouble managing their contracts. Collecting, preparing and keeping track of management reports as well as keeping up with company’s current projects has been a difficult and time-consuming task for managers. The Merp Project Management System is designed and implemented by defining the processes and facilities used in project management for the purpose of collecting and organizing information. Subsequently, project managers can benefit from this system by collecting, integrating and distributing information in an accurate and well-organized manner to achieve outstanding results in the fields of planning, time management, execution and all other processes related to project completion.

  • Ability to define project structure, work breakdown structure and project activities.
  • Ability to determine the level of access of people to each component of the project structure.
  • Project scheduling capability
  • Project rescheduling capability
  • Project milestone allocation capability
  • Ability to preplan material requirements for each project
  • Ability to assign the project to people with a specified access level
  • Ability to apply for required project services
  • Cost planning capability
  • Cost allocation to different parts of the project
  • Ability to plan revenue
  • Project budgeting and cost control
  • Ability to analyze and calculate project’s profit and loss
  • Ability to define, register and manage the changes.
  • Fully integrated with supply chain, production and contracting units systems
  • Ability to define and manage project challenges and crises.
  • Ability to extract person / hour reports of people and tasks involved in the project
  • Ability to create report from project structure
  • Create project documentation
  • Project progress reports
  • Reporting on project resources and capacities