Material Requirement Planning System

One of the main issues that many manufacturing companies face and is the executive’s constant subject attention is developing the industrial technology and enhancing the scope of competition to meet the changing demands of customers. This makes the process of materials and essential parts planning extremely complicated and time consuming and in many cases leads to an increase of the working capital required to supply raw materials. To this end, The Material Requirements Planning System offers a fast and accurate solution for your business by considering all the impact factors.

  • Integration with warehouse, financial and purchasing systems
  • Ability to register and confirm the purchase of services
  • Predicting the needs of the coming months based on the production and sales plan
  • Ability to define schedule on raw materials and semi-manufactured supply materials
  • Obtain inventory information from the warehouse
  • Ability to obtain the standard rate of materials from the Warehouse Module.
  • Obtain information on incoming orders
  • Generate and schedule purchase orders and production orders
  • Issuing orders for goods, requests from warehouse, internal purchase request, outside purchase, outsourcing.
  • Ability to specify purchase order policy and production policy
  • Complete reports of necessities, requests and all other sectors involved.
  • And all of your custom processes and reports