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MERP Software

MERP Comprehensive Resource Management Software is one of the web based products of Viravision Automation Company which is developed and implemented to meet your organization’s needs in every scale and scope. MERP’s comprehensive and integrated software, with the help of modern technical knowledge and applying powerful software basis, enables you to accurately define all the processes of your organization and evaluate and manage all parts of the organization

The importance and role of MERP

Given the significance of data and enterprise processes in fundamental decision making, business planning and development, as well as the optimal performance of the organization, Merp with its expanded capabilities is here to assist you with your business. Merp becomes a powerful tool for progress, forecasting and managing your business by connecting and integrating your company’s entire unit and offering detailed and accurate reports of current and future status of your company. No matter what field you work in or how large your company is, MERP is geared to serve your business and will be the key to your success.



A comprehensive resource management system (CRM) can be defined as an integrated software with systems for developing and planning production, sales, marketing, distribution, accounting, human resource management, project management, service management, maintenance and management of transport and commerce.

Architecture and Structure of CRM


The architecture and structure of CRM is such that it provides information integration at the organization level and creates a smooth flow between different parts of the organization. By providing comprehensive capabilities, these systems can cover parts of your organization or company, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity.